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ARI Fleet UK

As a valued and approved Masterserve body shop, it gives me great pleasure in writing to inform you that since your appointment as a preferred supplier to ARI Fleet UK formerly FSG, you have provided an exemplary level of service and demonstrated the highest quality of workmanship.

In such a competitive industry, your commitment to maintain consistency in quality, professionalism and customer service endorses our own commitment to continuing our business relationship with Frosts Accident Repairs long into the future.


CLM Fleet Management PLC provides accident management services as part of our portfolio of fleet management services to several blue chip companies across the UK.

We have maintained a long trading relationship with Frosts involving the repair of a wide range of manufacturers’ vehicles through either insurance claims or general refurbishment.

Frosts has always excelled at providing a very high standard of repair, within the repair timeframe set, together with complete and accurate invoicing to all parties involved. CLM Fleet Management PLC has no hesitation in recommending Frosts as a body shop with integrity in all aspects of the repair process.


By providing a consistent first-class service to a demanding and ever-changing market, Countrywide Accident Assistance Ltd (CAA) has quickly established itself as one of the UK’s leading total outsourcing service providers.

We have achieved this with a blend of cutting edge technology and experienced trained staff who go that extra step to ensure our high standards are maintained. We realise, however, that without a number of specialist outsourcing partners we would not have a service to offer. Often acting as the face of CAA, they must also perform in a professional, efficient manner.

Frosts Accident Repairs has therefore been an obvious choice as a network repairing partner for the past three years although many of us have also worked with Frosts prior to this. Their commitment to satisfaction, quality and value is clearly visible in the high standard of their repairs and the processes they have in place to deal with clients and staff. It makes working with them on a day-to-day basis a pleasure.

In today’s busy world it is also refreshing to find a business where there is always a friendly User of staff available to ensure that any situation arising is resolved quickly and efficiently. As we regularly

refer our clients’ prestigious vehicles to Frosts Accident Repairs, we have no hesitation in recommending them for all vehicle repair and refurbishment requirements

Houghton Insurance

Houghton Insurance is privileged to have a business association with Frosts Accident Repairs from its inception by the proprietor, Mr Andrew Frost.

It is little wonder that Andy has, from modest beginnings, built up a business that is now the largest independently owned body shop in Milton Keynes.

Frosts Accident Repairs reflects the proprietor’s exacting eye for detail and preparation and with its new hi-tech, water-based paint spraying systems, they not only produce a high-quality finish but they do so with a low-carbon emission, providing an environmentally friendly solution.

Frosts manages to produce a competitive, high-quality product by focusing on customer satisfaction, furthering their employees’ qualifications, and implementing quality control systems. These factors have enabled them to qualify for various accreditation schemes throughout the motor trade industry and beyond.

Houghton Insurance knows that when its customers use Frosts to repair a vehicle, they will receive the best service, which is why we are only too happy to be associated with them and to recommend them to our clients.


Frosts Accident Repairs has been a supplier to FMG Support since September 2005.

Frosts Accident Repairs has delivered excellent customer service during this time, and joined the Partner Support programme offered by FMG Support in February 2007.

Only the most valuable partners are eligible for Partner Support – a working partnership built upon effective communication, openness and continuous improvement. Partner Support demands maximum efficiency and high service levels from its partners, and in return provides on-going support with work volumes and profitable working relationships.

Frosts Accident Repairs has delivered the standards we expect. Its continual commercial growth has seen them move to new premises and reinvest in state-of-the-art equipment to improve efficiency.

FMG Support and Frosts Accident Repairs work together in partnership to delight our mutual customers by maintaining exceptional service standards. We look forward to a long working relationship.

Kindertons Accident Management

Kindertons Accident Management has had the pleasure of working with Frosts Accident Repairs for over 4 years.

In our experience their quality of work, professionalism and efficiency are second to none, and for this reason alone Kindertons will continue to recommend Frosts to all our potential customers.